Improving Organizational Performance

Over the years, many companies have come to realize that the employees are the biggest asset they hold within the organization. There have been many studies on Job satisfaction and the results overwhelmingly indicate that a satisfied employee will work harder and have higher levels of organizational commitment.

The McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy conducted a six-year study of companies in nine countries, ranging in size from 27 to 126,000 employees and including the automobile, personal goods, technology hardware and equipment, pharmaceutical, food production, construction and materials and industrial metals industries, as well as other general industries and retailers, and the banking sector.

The institute found that companies increased their profitability by investing in their employees at the bottom of the ladder, primarily in the following five ways:

Supporting the health of the lowest‐level employees,
Training and career advancement for employees at every level of
the company,
Providing incentives at the bottom of the ladder,
Engaging line workers and acting on their best recommendations, and
Taking strategic steps that ensure companies and communities profit
Many top performing organizations are turning to an objective third party to partner with and assess the climate of their own corporate culture. This DISCOVERY process is the first step toward transforming your organization from good to great!

Source: Harvard Business Review, May 2010.

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